Our Story

DeWeese Farms

by Mary Marshall

DeWeese Farms, owned and operated by Charlie and Penny DeWeese, is located in Franklin, Kentucky. The farm came into existence in 2005 in part to their granddaughter, Langstone Harvey, and her love of horses.

Due to Langstone’s relentless desire to ride and be around horses and after thoroughly researching the different breeds they purchased their first Mountain horse, Rebel Ridge’s Sally Wren. Shortly after their granddaughter began to ride, their son, Tanner DeWeese, decided to give riding a try and now has to be chased out of the barn. 

In 2007, after several years of admiration, Tanner purchased Taken Charge. The bond between the two has proven to be a strong one and together this year they have won several Grand Championships. Tanner has also had an unbelievable year aboard South Forty’s Francesca and was Grand Champion in the 12 – 17 Trail Pleasure division. 

When the DeWeeses’ are asked why they decided to own and raise Mountain horses they always remark about the horses kind disposition and forgiving nature, making them an ideal family horse. And like many other people that have a love of horses, they believe that being a part and witnessing the interaction between horses and children is very special and that the lessons taught by their four-legged friends help to instill strong character traits. 

They also claim to be very fortunate to have such an educated and caring extended show family. Owning and showing some of the most beautiful horses anywhere is truly a family affair for the DeWeeses’ who all go to the shows, including the family’s dog, Scarlett.

In early 2007, DeWeese Farms purchased an outstanding stallion, CW’s Hightower. With the assistance of some of the finest trainers in the industry, Hightower went on to win multiple Grand Championships in both Conformation and Stallion Park Pleasure. One of their proudest moments this year was watching CW’s Hightower earn the prestigious Junior Robinson Award. The first foals sired by CW’s Hightower are highly anticipated this year, including the impending arrival of a foal out of South Forty’s Francesca.

The DeWeese’s kindly donated the use of their arena, the finest in the area, on January 26th so that local 4H members could ride inside due to the inclement weather. Penny also made it possible for the local 4H club to ride in the Christmas parade where the DeWeese Farms float won second place.

There is no doubt that DeWeese Farms proves that the love of horses is quite contagious. First, with their granddaughter and now each and everyone of them have “their horse.” The love and joy these fine horses have brought to their lives is truly immeasurable. 

Tanner and Francie
Tanner and Sky High