Happy Trails Testimonials

We pride ourselves in going through a rigorous processes of making sure the homes that we sell our horses will be a very good fit for the client and the horse. Here are a few testimonies from some of our dearest clients.

“He even helps me mow! Truly, Walker follows along while I do finishing work. He’s curious, handsome, funny, energetic, and kind. You can’t get much better than that in a horse. And it’s no wonder, since he came from Langstone Harvey and DeWeese Farms. Not only have I gained an incredible equine friend, but I also have a whole new group of friends in Langstone and Tammy Harvey, Penny DeWeese, and their trainer, Henry Elam. They made me feel absolutely welcome and at home. I was treated with such welcome at DeWeese Farms as Walker and I determined whether we would be a match. The love and care Langstone has showered on Walker as she raised him from babyhood are so evident in his personality. He is a joy to adventure with as he and I continue to get to know each other. I am certain we have many fantastic years ahead of us. Thank you, DeWeese Farms!” – Leighan Dickerson July 2020

Whit and his new owner, Mr.Richards! We are thrilled with the bond these two already share!! December 2020.

“We came to look at one Rocky Mountain Horse, but left with TWO! We quickly fell in love with the family who bred and raised these two mares. It is clearly evident their love and passion for the breed. It was a blast having Judy join us at the farm in Franklin, KY. Thank you Langstone for your patience educating and guiding us on how to ride a gaited horse. It’s so different from how we’ve always ridden. Penny DeWeese is an amazing woman. She was so warm and welcoming.” -Melissa Verplank on August 3rd, 2018.